BPR POST #4: BPR @ 10

July 28, 2008

10 years. It’s really hard to believe. 10 years ago I left my old agency gig to venture out on my own (my own personal Jerry McGuire moment…). I had one client, a broom closet for an office, and a determination to do one thing and one thing only: get results. It was an interesting time in 1998. The Internet bubble was just starting to froth. The Industry Standard was about the size of the Yellow Pages. And AltaVista was the number one search engine. And because we never grew too big for our britches, we never had to endure the painful layoffs that other agencies did during the dot-com implosion.

Much has changed in 10 years. The Internet has become a central and guiding force for society at large. And oddly enough, turns out that Internet companies can indeed be very profitable. As for BPR, 10 years later and we are still evolving as we help our clients navigate the increasingly muddled media landscape. We’ve grown some and have a bit more room to stretch our legs. But the essence is largely the same – work your tail off to stay ahead of the fast moving technology curve, keep your eye on the ball, and always be a squeaky wheel.

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