Perspective from the Newbie

September 20, 2008

This concludes my first week as a PR practitioner and I have a couple insights I wanted to share as a new member to the field and working life in general.

1.) School and internships paid off. I know it can feel like school and internships are pointless at times but now I see that I would not have understood very much this week if it weren’t for my education from Boston University and the PR internships I took on during my summers.

2.) Look for stories from every angle. A lot of this week has been spent scanning ProfNet Opportunities and trying to find potential stories for our clients. I didn’t just find stories by looking for the header that had to do with the type of client we are covering. For example I looked at more than the Technology section for our tech client. This paid off when I found a story for our tech client in the Travel section. My point is that you need to take a different approach sometimes to get coverage for your clients.

3.) Go to bed early. No more 11 or 12 AM classes so to get some good Zz’s you have to go to bed before 3 AM.

I know, I know, welcome to real life.

4.) Be well rounded. Real life and the working world are not just about being good at your trade. It’s about being able to work with others on a team, be able to communicate your ideas clearly, ask questions and kill cockroaches! (Don’t ask…just be a well rounded individual.)

I think that’s enough insight for my first week.

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