It’s Gaming Season: No Permits Need

October 18, 2008

If, as the t-shirt says, “Virginia is for lovers,” then LA and Seattle in July are the place for gamers. Fresh off the E3 and Casual Connect conferences earlier this month, BPR’s seen what’s up next in gaming. The industry is catering to the consumer trend of rocking out — at E3, consoles focused on music-based games dominated. Understandably, as Rock Band and Guitar Hero have made a massive impact … However, what really makes the magic happen in this category of games are the forms of input devices and controllers. Looking further into the crystal ball, expect news in mid 2009 from Wild Tangent on bringing input devices to PC gaming – a new development for the universal platform, bringing Wild Tangent’s Alex St. John a little closer to realizing his proclamation that “Gaming in 2020 will be entirely about the PC.”

Upgrades and new games on the PC side have also been part of the big announcements over this past month. New versions of MMO’s Age of Conan, Diablo III and Starcraft II were all announced, with the industry’s second-largest MMO, RuneScape, announcing a massive graphics overhaul and introducing immersive full-screen play – while still remaining totally accessible for players using the same PC’s as they did when the game launched in 2001. Not to be outdone, the announcement that a new MMO from Jagex is in the works happened over E3 as well – sci-fi based MechScape launches in March of 2009.

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