Shut the Fu$% Up Sarah

November 28, 2008

I’ve resisted talking about politics since as we all know it’s 1/3 of the big 3 to avoid: sex, religion, and politics. Oh but there is so much comedy and drama with each topic, and sometimes it becomes impossible to hold-back. So for now we won’t talk sex or religion.

Sarah Palin is an idiot. I’m not expressing my personal political views, I’m saying she’s an idiot as far as PR standards go. Everyday she provides such comedy and ire, and she breaks all of the PR 101’s. Just today CNN posted a story about how Palin is breaking from her handlers and “going rogue”. How stupid is this woman? She barely graduated college, she’s a redneck hunter who has no business being the president of the PTA let alone VP of the most powerful nation in the world (or at least we were). Why, when given an opportunity as she has, would you have so much hubris to think you could go into ANY interview situation (okay maybe with the exception of the NRA or local KKK chapter) unprepared and not sticking to your speaking points? Did someone forget to tell Mrs. Palin that staying on message is key? That in the PR battle it’s better to talk about what’s good about your organization rather than take the easy route of slamming your competitor. Sure a little FUDing is good (creating Fear Uncertainty and Doubt about the competition) but use precious media time talking about the GOOD; accentuate the positive. All this diva has done is travel the country a) propping up herself for some future in politics that won’t happen and b) spreading divisive toxins not seeing since Nazi Germany or the 1960’s race riots. Just for fun GOOGLE Sarah Palin + Nazi and see how many pages are returned. Here is a hint: a lot.

I guess I’m just surprised that an organization like the RNC with all of its resources and billions of dollars, wouldn’t have spent a fraction of what they’ve paid for Palin’s wardrobe to give her some media training. Stay on message, have 3-5 speaking points, answer the questions and say “I don’t know” when you don’t, and don’t make stuff up.

It will all be over soon; the election and her political career. But it’s sure been fun to watch. I have some strong personal opinions about all of this, but I should probably keep them to myself. I wouldn’t want a potential new client to not call us because of my perceived political views.

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