is worthless! There must be 1 good tech PR candidate out there.

February 23, 2009

I believe in second chances which is why after the first abysmal experience I had with the job site 2 years ago, I decided I’d give them another chance. Nothing has changed and I’ll never use the site again. Why is it so hard for them to get it right? In the last 36 hours I’ve received resumes sent from the Monster recommended / this candidate fits your needs service that include: heating and air conditioning engineers, oil rig worker, sales folks, graphic designers, carpenters, and a military counter-intelligence officer. Monster…hello? Do you see the words: heating, air conditioning, spy, oil rig – anywhere in our job description? Geez.

We’re really hoping to meet someone who has been in the Tech PR (agency) world for the last couple years, who can write, juggle multiple clients, isn’t really involved with PRSA, understands the needs of press and bloggers, etc. In fact the right candidate doesn’t even need a job description because they’ll understand what we need.

Here is Monster post:

Seattle’s best boutique technology PR agency is looking for the perfect candidate to join our growing company. At Barokas Communications (BPR) a good fit is everything; but what does a good fit mean? It means you know tech PR and you’re really good at what you do. It means you know how to keep clients happy, juggle a busy workload, successfully pitch and place stories, and you’re a great writer. It also means that you’ve not bought-in to large agency culture or is someone who is deeply involved in PRSA. At BPR we value hard work and solid results, not corporate BS, policies, meetings, and procedure. We’re a group of dedicated, no nonsense PR professionals who have helped dozens of companies in the past 10 years including:, Cisco, HP, Concur Technologies, Opsware, RealNetworks, Pokemon, WildTangent, and many more. BPR works with emerging technology companies, B2B, B2C, and has a strong focus on gaming. We’re known as the NO BS PR agency given our direct approach and “we’re no vendor” mentality. We help clients get great coverage, and we do what we say we’ll do. Don’t let the fact that we don’t have titles or wear suits fool you – we’ve proven time and time again that our work is far superior to big agencies. That’s why we are hiring while they are laying off.

Our ideal candidate:

At least 2 years in an agency environment doing technology PR
Loves PR but doesn’t really like most PR people
The ability to “get shit done”
A passion for keeping clients happy
Can manage all facets of media relations
A proven track record of success with clients and the media
A loyal team player who will do whatever it takes to get the job done

Not our ideal candidate:

Someone without tech PR experience
Graphic designer
Sales associate
Biz dev executive
Advertising agency account executive
TV show/news producer
Recent college graduate looking to get into PR

Okay, back to work for me; just had to vent.

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