Dave Matthews Band Does It Again!

June 4, 2009

What a great week! It’s been consistently 80+ degrees in Seattle since last Friday, I’ve been on my Harley everyday and if that isn’t enough to celebrate, DMB released Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King on Tuesday. I know we tend to talk-shop here but today I’m not going to bash on the PR world, big agencies, or how most PR people are full of…

Back to the Dave Matthews Band. I love these guys – have for years. In fact I’m such a fan my license plate is DMB FAN. I display this badge with pride even though I often am asked by those unenlightened folks “What are you a dumb fan of?”. Anyway, after a few years since their last studio album and the tragic death of band mate LeRoi Moore last year, DMB has pulled together to create a phenomenal album; the best I think since the 1998 release of Before These Crowded Streets. These guys not only make incredible music but they run a very successful (lucrative) corporation also known as their fan club, The Warehouse. Dave and crew have done a stellar job building relationships with their fans; 20 years ago by allowing all shows to be freely recorded, and today by the use of social media. Many companies should take a page out of the DMB playbook as an example of how to build a loyal following of customers/fans who become brand ambassadors. Despite the economy and all that may appear to be wrong with the world, Dave can announce an appearance today, and 50,000 + fans will be there tomorrow – anywhere. That’s the power of having loyal consumers. But again, I digress.

This isn’t a post about building brands, marketing, or PR – it’s about a great band, lead by an unbelievably talented, gifted, inspiring, magnificent singer-songwriter. I love the Dave Matthews Band and so should you! In the words of Dave: The best is yet to come; Don’t burn the day. -Howie

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