I am proficient in Microsoft Word and Outlook!

August 11, 2009

I am not boasting, in fact I’m using a function in Word called cut-and-paste for my dramatic subject line. I received another resume today with this listed as a key attribute of the applicant which led me to this rant. Is this as good as it gets? A PR person promoting the fact they can use Word and Outlook? Isn’t that a bit like a doctor saying they can use a stethoscope? Wow, they must be super qualified.

I love my team at BPR. We have a tremendous group of smart, hard-working folks who DO a lot, everyday. I emphasize DO because I’ve read quite a few resumes the past few weeks where at the end of the page I’m asking “Yes, but what did they do?”. Maybe this is another one of those cases where PR people use words to mask reality but I’m really astounded by the number of resumes we get where folks say things like “I managed the launch of….” or “I oversaw the creation of….” or “I was responsible for a $3M annual budget….” etc. To me this is a nice way of saying “I didn’t really DO anything – I just went to meetings and had my team do everything, for which I later took credit.” Maybe this is just the way of the PR world and we at BPR have been living on another planet. Maybe it’s odd that we all strategize, we all join weekly client calls, we all write releases, we all pitch stories, and we all support each other.

So our search continues for the great tech PR candidate who actually does stuff. Oh, and one who is proficient at Microsoft Word and Outlook – can’t forget that!

– Howie

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