Optimism Abounds

January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

You need not look far to see a wave of optimism approaching our shores. A recent scan of headlines willl show the Dow finished the year up nearly 20%, the tech sector is poised for growth, the real estate market is slowly getting better, banks are easing restrictions on loans, the number of Americans filing for unemployment is down, FedEx earnings are up, and if all of that isn’t enough of a sign, some RV makers are hiring due to an increase in sales. Really, more RVs on the road? They are so hard to pass, especially when Ma and Pa are towing a small SUV behind the behemoth beast. I’m curious, do they go slow because they can’t go faster or is it that if one is piloting an RV they’ve got nothing but time and no need to hurry? I’m going with the latter.

Imagine how different this wacky world of tech (and PR) would be if we had the time and mindset of those RV drivers? Taking the time each day to carefully plan where we’re going, the best route to get there, and possible obstacles along the way. And the best part about it? If they don’t get where they wanted to go today – no problem – there is always tomorrow, or the next day. No VCs to answer to, no board members to inquire about why the miles traveled aren’t higher and fuel costs lower, or why they didn’t minimize travel time by taking the interstate rather than the country roads. Wouldn’t it be nice if every so often in our frenetic industry we could pull off the road and hit one of those Scenic Overlook lots – and just take it all in? Why am I writing about RV travels: stream of consciousness I suppose.

So back to optimism. Whether you’re launching a product, looking to secure funding, find a job, increase sales, or start a new company – 2010 looks to be a much better year than the last few. May the Force be with us and may we all find the some time to take the scenic route this year.

Later 2009.


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