Do You Speak Tech? If So Let’s Chat. We’re Hiring.

January 4, 2010

BPR – Seattle’s one and only PR firm committed to PR minus the BS, is hiring. We’re looking for a PR pro with 3-4 years experience doing technology PR for B2B products. We’re not looking for a consumer PR person – repeat – we are not looking for a consumer PR person. If you’re right for us you’ll be familiar with publications including InformationWeek, Network World, eWeek, Network Computing, and the likes. You’ll also know the drill about expectations, writing abilities, keeping clients super happy, and being an all around nice person.

Attention all recent college graduates, folks looking to start a new career, sales executives, graphic designers, pet detectives, and taxidermists: this job is not for you – sorry.

Interested? Let Jack know –


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