The Pope Says Blog. Seniors Are Sexting. Wow.

February 1, 2010

There is so much interesting stuff to chat about today I’m not sure where to start. I wanted to talk about Toyota’s mammoth PR problem with gas pedals that stick and have caused dozens of accidents, even death. But this is sure to go on for a while so there will be time to do a post-mortem once things are resolved. Besides, how could I discuss sticky pedals knowing that right now, across this country, Senior Citizens are sexting? Yep, you read it right. Seniors have gone amuck with their big-buttoned cell phones and are transmitting pictures of naughty senior body parts. And if that wasn’t enough, the Pope is saying to his priests, “Thou Shalt Blog.”

This is not a lecture about social media and the importance of having a voice; if you want to do it, you will. And if you’re not ready – don’t. But one cannot deny it’s pretty compelling that even the Pope is getting into the social media scene – in fact he has one of the most popular YouTube channels. And it doesn’t stop with the 82 year-old Pontiff – he’s encouraging priests to blog. Pope Benedict XVI said in a statement that priests should embrace social media and use it as a way to spread the word (I’m not sure if in this case that should be The Word). Just something to think about when you’re considering whether social media is right for your brand. After all if it’s good enough for the Pope, well…

Sexting. In case you’re not familiar with this term, sexting is the act of taking sexy photos and sending them via MMS. Until recently sexting was an activity practiced and enjoyed by primarily teens and those in their early twenties. But a report out today from the AARP shows a growing number of seniors are discovering a new activity with their phone, and likely adding data plans. (the data plan hypothesis is all mine). According to the AARP “More and more of the 50+ set, both single and married, are using text messaging to spice up their sex lives.” Again another proof point that underscores how much technology is changing our lives and reason to believe it’s never too late. So the next time your parents, or grandparents, ask for help with their cell phones or computers, perhaps you may want to avoid checking the SMS screen or browser history. Can you imagine!!?? 🙂


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