March 12, 2010

So it feels like more than ever I am hearing PR agencies messaging how they build some sort of connection or relationship between brands and consumers. Wow – that’s awesome! Oh yeah, this is nothing new. Isn’t that what we PR folk have been doing for a long, long time? To me it seems as odd as if the Seattle Police Department began an ad campaign saying – Seattle Police: giving tickets, arresting bad guys, keeping people safe. Yep – that’s what police do and PR people help connect companies and consumers through editorial (or companies to companies if you’ve mastered B2B like BPR). Perhaps I need enlightening on this connecting/relationship topic. Maybe all this time us PR people have been connecting the wrong dots? Maybe what sounds like silly marketing speak is really a secret formula for something amazing? Probably not. Anyway I just wanted to know what’s going on with all of this connecting business. Yellow Cab: we connect people to the places they need to go. Brilliant.


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