We’re Hiring PR People To Do PR. Apparently This is Radical.

June 21, 2010

So if the title wasn’t quite clear enough I’m happy to say once again we’re hiring. As always we’re looking for talented PR people, with experience, who have actually done B2B or B2C PR – not simply been part of the “__________” team (fill in the name of a 50 person team at large-expensive agency, representing a gaming console produced by a large Redmond software company). As I’ve mentioned in previous posts there is a huge difference between a candidate who really does the work vs. the hundreds who reference the team they were on. We’re looking for doers – not the credit-takers. If you’re the ideal candidate you’ll know already – you get it. You’re smart, can juggle, and don’t need a safety-net of dozens around you to get anything done.

Now I’d like to address the second part of this post’s title – the part about the radical approach. First, a bit of background. Last week all of us BPR folks attended the TechFlash Live event at Seattle University. It was an excellent discussion complete with fireworks. Anyway – a few people on my team whom we’ve rescued from big corporate agencies asked a question before the event that left me speechless. They wanted to know “what was the expectation for them at this event?”. I didn’t get it and had to ask for clarification. They were asking what I expected them to do regarding “working” the event, rather than simply attend the event. Apparently it’s protocol at many of the big agencies for the PR team to focus on biz dev not only as part of their regular duties, but also at events. Really? No wonder people think PR flacks are sharks. My expectation for the team last week and at any event we attend is to have fun and learn something. To me it is totally absurd to ask talented PR people, who have a stressful enough job doing great work, to also be responsible for business development. In fact the number of people at BPR focusing on biz dev is exactly ZERO. How do we do it? Well – we do kick-ass work for our clients, who tell people about BPR, then those people call us, and so on. Radical? Maybe by “normal” standards, but to me I couldn’t imagine doing it any other way. So I suppose you could say we have a focused biz dev program, code named DGW (do great work).

If you’re ready to make the leap to an agency who wants you to be part of a PR team, not a door-to-door sales team, drop Jack a note – jack@barokas.com. We’re hoping to have a few people on board within the next 3 weeks. So schedule those “dentist appointments” – and come on in to see us. Tick-Tock.


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