Here We Grow Again. Are You The Next BPR B2B Hire?

August 27, 2010

It’s great posting open positions – what’s not so great are the resumes we see from y’all who have no PR experience or are having what Samuel L. Jackson’s character in Pulp Fiction, Jules Winnfield, described as a “moment of clarity”. So here we go:

BPR is looking for a candidate with at least 3 years PR experience doing B2B tech. If you’re a good fit you’ll have relationships with reporters at publications including InformationWeek, Network World, eWeek, InfoWorld, and the like. The ideal candidate will have a passion for technology, know how to set client expectations, write great quotes/releases, and hold themselves accountable at all times.

Benefits: Fast track to growth, mentoring from senior level PR pros/medical dental vision/profit sharing/totally casual environment (jeans are the dress code), bus pass, Friday Flings, and more

The gig: Be a Do-er (one who does), develop and draft proactive pitches for tech/trade press, analysts, business press, host briefings, create solid first drafts of releases/plans/pitches, play an active role in client meetings, identify and track speaking opportunities, and more

Jack is waiting to hear from you – please don’t apply unless you’ve got what it takes.


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