Word Up.

December 13, 2010

UP – those two letters mean so much and the direction in which we want things to travel; unless the topic is lawsuits, product recalls, unemployment, crime, stalled cruise liners, weight, WikiLeaks, etc. Up has become quite the friend to the good people in PR Land too. They like to talk about up leveling the message, living up to their word, covering up the truth, fed up with sloppy journalism, shaking things up, elevating the conversation, rising above the noise, and turning up the volume. What is it about up that brings us down? We’re not happy unless positioned as leading, appearing at the top of a story, name up in lights, or having the most fans/friends/followers. There was a time when getting down (dance floor, in the weeds, ..and dirty) was desirable. But now it’s all about up. Got to get a leg-up on the competition, must up the valuation, sales have to be up, we need to up our uptime, up the number of apps, up our traffic, up our bandwidth – 3G just doesn’t cut it any longer – we must upgrade so we can up-load faster, and apparently Google needs to up their offer when knocking on Groupon’s door. They must not have used the right pick-up line – something like “Hey Groupon, nice daily deals. Are they real?”  They broke-up.

So what am I up to with this update? Just thinking about the upcoming year and what it’ll bring. Will the emphasis continue to be on up? Will quality become more important than quantity? If the numbers are lower but customer satisfaction is up, will that be up lifting? Taxes down but deficit up? Trick question. Can we up the number of truly great PR people, and eliminate the folks who simply MSU (make shit up)? It’s all up to you, if you’re up to it. Time to wake up – 2010 will be up before you know it. That’s all – I’ll shut up, my time’s up.


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