Are We Really Just Bitchy Women and Stupid Men?

October 6, 2011

I had the rare pleasure of enjoying a lazy Sunday, free from plans which meant watching football on the couch with Jack and Emma, the English Bulldogs, snoring on either side of me. This scene doesn’t happen too often and it’s not because I have a bitchy wife who tells me what I can and can’t do.   But watching the game, rather the commercials, made me wonder if my set-up was rare: I have a brain and my wife isn’t a bitch. Surely there must be more guys like me – right? Well if you use TV ads as a barometer of the norm in this country I’m the exception. What’s going on?  This thought consumed me for most of the 4th quarter.

Whether for beer, insurance, cell phone service, or pizza the theme is the same; guy wants fun, woman ruins fun, guys makes stupid choices, woman scolds him. Is this really reflective of our society? I know us dudes are pretty simple creatures, it doesn’t take a lot to keep us happy. Still – I’d be hard pressed to find any guy I know who’d buy a Falcon, suit of armor, or giant gumball machine with the money he saved on his car insurance. But according to the folks at State Farm, that’s what we’d do

Another popular ad theme during Sunday’s game is how inept us guys are when it comes to dealing with babies. And the stereotypes aren’t reserved for just the dudes. It seems that every mom, especially the newish moms, are always judging or scolding their hubby’s for doing something wrong with the kids; feeding it bad stuff, changing diapers the wrong way, not strapping it into the car-seat properly, etc. Or in this case, AT&T believes that new moms become bitchy wives when husbands try to multi-task

Perhaps I’m over analyzing this whole thing, but I can’t get away from the fact that when we look deep into the national-mirror we see a reflection of stupid dudes married to short tempered, short haired, angry women who disapprove of their husband’s choices. C’mon this can’t really be the way it is? Although, I suppose presenting a happy couple, enjoying a relaxing weekend, without erectile dysfunction, wouldn’t make for very good TV. Finally – I’d like to thank the folks at Budweiser for keeping the stereotypes alive and kicking with this brief look into marital bliss.


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  1. Ed Ahrens says:

    Very entertaining post. This type of advertising seems to be the norm now days, so it must be effective, right? Or is it? What approach does your organization take? The main reason you advertise is to generate more revenue. It’s all about the money.

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