July 8, 2013

It’s official – BPR-Boulder is open! After nearly 15 years in Seattle Barokas Communications has expanded with office #2 in the awesome city of Boulder, Colorado. We’re located on Pearl Street and we’ll be servicing clients in Denver, and of course Boulder, from the new office.

Since we started in 1998 I’ve resisted the urge to open additional offices for a few reasons. First, I watched as several firms expanded like crazy during the dot-com boom, only to shutter their offices when the walls came crumbling down in 2000. Next, and the main reason why we’ve not spread our geographical wings, culture. We’re an incredibly close team and the office definitely has its special vibe. I was concerned that it would be hard if not impossible to replicate our NO BS/ keep it real groove in another city.   Finally, despite what many believe, PR is one of those businesses where having multiple offices doesn’t make you a better firm or more connected to the right people. It simply means you have multiple offices.

My first visit to Boulder was a few years ago and I was instantly hooked. Coming from Seattle I’ve been spoiled by being around good people, a rich cultural scene, open minds, great music, and of course the coffee. So it’s rare that I end up somewhere where I say “Yes – I could see myself living here.” The city seduced me from the first visit and I’ve had Boulder on the brain ever since.  It’s hard not to fall in love with a place that has such smart, really nice, and non-egotistical people like my friends at the Foundry Group, TechStars, and PivotDesk. Boulder has a special feel, a comfortable, welcoming energy that permeates the town from all corners; bars/restaurants, retail shops, people on the street, CU, and so on.  And speaking of great people- we have a fantastic PR pro running our Boulder office, Johanna Erickson – Johanna.erickson@barokas.com .“Jo” is busy with all things BPR-Boulder, especially with our number 1 priority, hiring awesome PR talent.

Thanks to everyone in Boulder who’ve been super supportive of our move to town and helped us quickly find our bearings. We’re beyond ecstatic (not even sure where that puts us) to be here and can’t wait to begin contributing to the ecosystem that is so uniquely Boulder.


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