Denver Startup Week – A Celebration of Everything Entrepreneurial in Denver!

October 14, 2013

BPR recently participated in the second annual Denver Startup Week. The event was created to showcase the entrepreneurs, employees and the startup companies fueling innovation in Denver. Organized by the Downtown Denver Partnership, Colorado Technology Association and the Denver community, Denver Startup Week is a platform to convene all those who are building startups, want to build startups and want to be involved in the community. This year, BPR was a part of the action and it did not disappoint!

Denver Startup Week hosts hundreds of activities and events over a period of six days. This year included keynotes from Seth Godin and Jeremy Bloom, panel discussions, workshops, happy hours, hack-a-thons and more. It is a true celebration of entrepreneurs and community.

BPR hosted a panel discussion – PR That Works. How To Effectively Use PR At Every Stage of Your Business. The panel consisted of Richard Tso, BPR, Johanna Erickson, BPR, Greg Avery, The Denver Business Journal and Lisa Picasso, Launch Squad (San Francisco), and was moderated by Suzan Bond, Denver Startup Week marketing chair and Colorado Technology Association marketing consultant. A great group!

The format was a Q&A with the audience. Our moderator kicked things off by asking about the differences between marketing and PR, when to launch your company, why now, why not now? This started a great discussion with the audience and panel members. Themes included:

• When do you hire an agency?
• How do you get the attention of the media?
• What constitutes news?
• What is a pitch and will anyone care?
• How can social media help or hurt your business?
• How much should you spend?
• What can you do yourself, when do you need an expert?
• You only launch once- how do you do it right?

As you might imagine, it was a rich discussion. It was particularly interesting for the audience to have the perspective of both PR professionals as well as the media as we talked about pitching and what is “news.” Greg Avery pointed out that the subject line is critical- so make it count. He also made it clear that what is news to you, may not be news to his readers. We discussed how important it is to get to know the reporters you pitch and to tailor a story that their readers will be interested in. A big takeaway for the audience was that PR can help drive your business, but it needs to be strategic in order to be effective.

For me, it was exciting to hear from the community about their ideas, companies and products. The audience was filled with excitement and really demonstrated a great entrepreneurial spirit in the community.

It was great to be a part of this celebration in Denver.   Up next: TechStars Demo Day on October 24th in Seattle.


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