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December 4, 2013

PR is all about strategy. It is our job to know what to say, when to say it, how to say it, and who to say it to. And sometimes, traditional PR methods need a shake up.

While planning for a recent announcement for PivotDesk, it was clear the news would not resonate with national press as it was centered on two markets – Boston and Portland. We counseled the client on the best ways to generate local press, and strategized on ways to create buzz on a national level. We looked to social media and got creative. Literally.

Understanding your audience is the key to success. Whether it’s a corporate launch, funding announcement, or social media strategy, each message needs to be targeted accordingly. The best thing about working with our clients is that they are not afraid to demonstrate the personality of their company. We wanted to make sure anything we did through social media stayed true to their voice and resonated with their audience.

We took a look at the social presence and discovered there is a very interactive following on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Knowing we couldn’t simply post or link to the press release, we strategized on a few unique and personal ways to interact with the community.

Here’s what we did: For Facebook, we recorded a video of the CEO discussing the news. It was less than 1:30, quick and easy to listen to and digest, and described all the most important details of the announcement.

We found that a lot of current and potential customers follow the brand on Twitter, so we decided to tweet the most important information from the press release in a way that sparked interest and engaged the reader.

Pivot Desk Twitter

As far as Pinterest was concerned, we created an aesthetically pleasing visual that would capture the attention of our audience. We told the story of how we navigated the road to launch and all the behind-the-scenes work it took to get there through a visual that every Pinterest follower loves – a recipe card.

We’ll let the product speak for itself (the guy in the goofy chef hat is the CEO):
Pivot Desk Recipe

After any launch or creative campaign, it’s important to look at metrics in order to measure ROI. Here are the results our social media campaign generated:

-Second highest day on the blog since April 1
-Third highest day on the website since April 1
-2,400+ people reached, most popular FB post of all time for Pivot Desk

Traditional PR methods are important when it comes to generating awareness, but don’t let the old means of communication hinder your ability to reach a broader audience. Through our social media campaign, we were able to build upon the client’s personality, and extended the reach of the announcement much further than if we would have only issued a press release. Don’t be afraid to take a small risk; you might be surprised of the results.

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