New Study Reveals Tech PR People Are Happier, Smarter, More Fulfilled, and Live Longer

March 25, 2014

Okay it’s not really a new study and it wasn’t really that scientific, but let’s not get lost in the details. The point is, being a great PR person takes smarts, tenacity, caffeine, creativity, and a great imagination. Barokas Communications is looking for the next great mind(s) to join our team. If you are passionate about technology and storytelling, and you’re not a newbie to the world of PR, we’d love to chat with you. 

At BPR we embrace a NO BS culture and approach to the work. We’re a smart group of folks who make a habit of drawing outside the lines and rocking the boat. While we take our work seriously, we’re not full of ourselves, and politics have no place in the agency. For 16 years, technology companies have relied on us to tell their stories and help them achieve greatness.   We’re looking for the next generation of smart storytellers to join our team and continue the legacy of PR minus the BS.  Head over to our job posting here or drop Jack a note if you’re awesome:

-The Barokas Communications Team


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