Barokas PR Boulder/Denver – One Year Later

July 14, 2014


On June 24, 2013, I drove to Boulder, sat down at a desk, opened my laptop and embarked upon a new journey.

Barokas Communications came to Boulder with an idea. A vision to bring the community something different and ask them to look at PR in a new way – and they did. As I think back on the year, I’m taking it all in – what we’ve learned, how much we have accomplished. A year has passed, but we are only just beginning.

Colorado is doing amazing things and the energy is contagious. We dove right into the community as the TechStars Boulder PR mentor. This experience not only welcomed us into the community but also resulted in client partnerships and wonderful relationships. Following TechStars, we hosted a panel at Denver Startup Week and started an internship program through CU Boulder, which led to a recent full-time hire on our Colorado team.

The common theme throughout: think differently and look at PR as a strategic partner that can help you build, run and grow your business. By asking the community to look at PR through this lens, we opened doors for emerging companies to think about PR – many for the first time.  We talked about this vision to The Boulder Daily Camera last summer.

Along the way we have hired a team of six incredible PR professionals and partnered with companies and individuals embarking on amazing journeys of their own – World Lister, Rapt Media, Gone, BoxBee,MyCityWay,LeadPages, Kato,RoundPegg,Revel Systems, PivotDesk,Mocavo,Vcita and more. We launched, we pitched, we messaged, we wrote, we edited, we questioned, we strategized, and then…we did it all again.

To round out year 1, we are moving into a new home in Lower Downtown Denver, known locally as LODO. The space is the perfect complement to our Seattle office (the mothership) with a fun vibe, great energy and a blank pallet for us to make it all our own. We will now have a presence in Boulder and the heart of Denver.

Our team just finished reading Ben Horowitz’s book, The Hard Thing About Hard Things. He talks a lot about being in the moment and making decisions for where you are now. That is exactly what we are doing as we head into our second year.

Keys in hand, we are ready – Bring It!


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