If you want to be acquired by HP, choose Barokas Communications.

September 11, 2014





While we can’t make any promises, I got your attention, didn’t I? All joking aside, today we are wishing our friends at Eucalyptus Systems a BIG congratulations as they are acquired by HP. This is the second Barokas Communications client acquired by HP – the first was Opsware in 2007.

As any PR person who has been in this position can attest, seeing your client, your baby, acquired by another brings with it a mixed bag of emotions – similar to your child heading off to his/her first day of school or leaving home for college. On one hand, you are so proud. You know that you have done everything you can to help get them to this point (blood, sweat and tears included). On the other hand, you know you will miss them dearly – the camaraderie, the friendships, and yes, even the hours spent burning the midnight oil heading into a big launch.

Over the years, we’ve experienced these feelings time and time again. Our work has resulted in a strong track record of taking emerging tech companies from stealth mode through an acquisition. Some of the companies we’ve worked with in this role include:

  • Opsware acquired by HP in 2007 (AOR from 2001 to 2008)
  • Redback acquired by Ericsson in 2006 (AOR from 2005 to 2011)
  • Clearwell Systems acquired by Symantec in 2011
    (AOR from 2006 to 2011)
  • Hubspan acquired by Liaison in 2012 (AOR from 2010 to current)
  • Scout Analytics acquired by Service Source in 2014
    (AOR from 2013 to current)
  • buuteeq acquired by Priceline (AOR from Jan 2014 to current)
  • Eucalyptus Systems (AOR from 2012 to current)





Continue to follow our blog in the coming months to see who might be the next company added to the list above.

And congrats Eucalyptus – our baby is off to college! 🙂


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