Innovation + Creativity = Techstars Seattle Demo Day

November 13, 2014


At Barokas Communications, we have a culture of entrepreneurship. We take risks together. We help our clients convert uncertainty into opportunity. There’s a connection between the clients we serve and the stories we help them tell. These similarities are especially evident with our startup clients. Startups and PR are about creating something special and seeing what happens out of the unknown. Taking risks.

 Fresh from attending the Techstars Seattle Demo Day 2014, we are reminded of what it means to take a risk. Ten companies graced the Techstars stage to pitch their products designed to address challenges we all encounter far too often, ranging from parenting to business productivity.

 Some of my favorite pitches were from companies focused on curated content, including Magicflix, who created a curated video service for kids with safe and age-appropriate digital content, and Garmentory, which designed a curated fashion marketplace. On the B2B side, I was impressed by MightySignal, a team of engineers who created the technology needed to help sales and marketing professionals fix the lead generation model, and LiveStories, which helps non-technical people and overall visual heads understand data analysis through visualizations.

All of them are fulfilling different market gaps, yet the underlying symmetry is that all of them are taking risks. And even though the stakes were high, the room had a strong sense of community overflowing amongst all of these startups, investors and general attendees in the audience.

The key here is community. This is what makes the Seattle startup community differentiated and keeps it growing. Darrell Cavens, CEO, Zulilly, said it best during his keynote,“Seattle has a strong culture of building great businesses because of the committed and supportive people in this city.” Community combined with innovative thinking made the Techstars Seattle Demo Day a success.

Further, the event personally reignited my passion for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM education). It reminded me as to why I love doing tech PR and why I love helping startups earn their first ever media placements. I have a passion for math and science, and started my college life in computer science. Hence, there was something special about seeing these 10 Techstars’ love for problem solving, creativity and smarts in STEM.

 Click here to read overviews for the entire Techstars Seattle 2014 class from Andy Sack, Mentor and Former Managing Director, Techstars Seattle.

 See you next year!


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