Finding the Awesome – Boulder Style

November 17, 2014

AB_Logo copyAs a firm, our primary focus is serving tech companies of every shape and size, but we occasionally represent groups that fall outside that category. Recently we were given the opportunity to work with an awesome group, with an awesome mission, doing some awesome things for their community.

I am not usually one to use the word “awesome” so liberally, but anything less would be selling Awesome Boulder short. For a group who freely donates $1000 to better the Boulder, CO area, we were happy to help drive publicity.

Awesome Boulder is made up of ten trustees who work and/or live in the Boulder area, with the common goal to make the community a better place to live. Each month they generously grant $1000 to fund a project that educates, stimulates or educates members of the community.

Projects have included an arts event during Boulder Startup Week, Food for Thought Inc., which provides support for educators to integrate STEM education tools. Most recently, AB_Tape copythey funded Paint Boulder with Tape, which was intended to get residents to think critically about art in general.

Awesome Boulder is a unique way for an organization to give back to the community. As part of the Awesome Foundation, Awesome Boulder and the other 102 chapters around the world have funded 1,221 projects to date. That’s $1,221,000 given directly to local community projects. More organizations like Awesome Boulder deserve great publicity, and it has been a rewarding opportunity to work with them and flex our PR muscles on a client that falls outside our wheelhouse.  AB_Art copy

Awesome encourages awesome. An idea and mission as great as Awesome Boulder’s deserves an equally great PR team and campaign, but the same is true for all of our clients. Some can be more challenging to articulate than others, but finding the awesome makes telling the story easier. Whether it is to the New York Times or SD Times, it is easy to get behind the goals and bring our A game on the PR front. And yes, A stands for Awesome.



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