10 Reasons to Give Thanks in PR

November 25, 2014

As anyone on Facebook can attest, their feed has been filled with posts from family and friends giving thanks over the last month. These posts generally cover the same few topics – family, friends, pets, good health, and on and on. While I am thankful for all of those things, there are also a few things I am specifically thankful for as a PR pro – some of which are likely only understood by others in the industry.

Here we go:

1. Scandal – PR often ranks at the top of the list for most stressful jobs. Watching this TV show makes me thankful I am not as stressed out as Olivia Pope (well, at least not most of the time)!  OliviaPope

2. Coffee. Repeat.

3. Online media databases – I am unfortunately dating myself, but remember the days of looking up contact info and reporter beats in paperback books? Thankful that we can now say “no thanks” to that labor-intensive time suck.

4. Variety – If you’re in PR, your first thought was probably of the popular entertainment magazine, but that’s not what I’m referencing here. Working at an agency gives you the opportunity to learn about and work in multiple industries. I can’t think of too many other jobs where you have the opportunity to learn (quickly!) each and every day.

5. Reporters that respond to your pitches, even if it’s a no.

6. One degree of separation – if you’re a Kevin Bacon fan, you might think there are six degrees of separation between you and your favorite 80’s actor. In PR, especially in tech PR, it’s more like one degree separating you and someone you want to connect with. KevinBacon

7. Clients that shun the client/vendor mentality and form a true partnership – you are my favorite!

8. An executive left to spend more time with his/her family? Yeh, right. I’m thankful that PR has taught me to read between the lines and not accept things at face value.

9. One of the best parts of PR is getting to help organizations you care are about on a pro bono basis. I’m thankful BPR had the opportunity to support several organizations over the last year including the Awesome Foundation Boulder and Animals Vote.

10. And last, but not least, PR has provided me the opportunity to meet and engage with people who inspire me, both in my personal and professional life. I am thankful to say the list is too long to detail in this blog post, but ranges from a NASA astronaut to two of my favorite singer/songwriters, Jason Mraz and Dave Matthews. mraz


On a personal note, this post wouldn’t be complete without acknowledgement of Jack Bulldog, my furbaby, best friend and Barokas Communications mascot. While we had to say goodbye to Jack earlier this year, I am thankful for the love and happiness he brought to the lives of those that knew him each and every day. XOXO.



— Karli



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