12 Lessons on Event + Gaming PR from GDC 2015 – Straight from the Reporter’s Tweet

March 5, 2015

The 2015 Game Developers Conference kicked off this week and in true industry event fashion, it’s all anyone in the video game industry can talk about. GDC is massive. The event gathers more than 25,000 attendees, has a press list of nearly 550 media contacts, and is the platform for numerous major announcements from some of the biggest names in gaming. For PR pros trying to get their clients noticed at an event, it begs the question – how do you break through the clutter?

I took to Twitter to find out what some of our favorite gaming reporters had to say about PR and came up with a few tips based on their often witty and oh so very honest tweets.


(1) Schedules book fast, so reach out early



(2) Seriously folks, reporters have been booking meetings for weeks now



(3) And if the event has already started and they haven’t responded yet, they aren’t going to now



(4) Your pitch should be clear and concise, so put the ask/relevance up front



(5) While reporters want to meet everyone/see everything/take all the meetings, they’re just plain busy



(6) Like, super busy



(7) Even if you aren’t able to get on their radar before the event, there are opportunities to connect with reporters on the show floor and at sessions



(8) Try and reserve press conferences for BIG+EXCITING news from BIG+EXCITING companies



(9) PR ≠ marketing, so avoid marketing speak



(10) Your reputation as a PR pro does, in fact, matter



(11) Because let’s be honest, they’re privy to our tricks



(12) Use your resources – a quick Twitter search will turn up droves of info on how a reporter prefers to be pitched, so before sending any #GDC2016 emails next year, be sure to do your research first




To all the reporters included in this post ­– your #GDC2015 tweets have made this year’s event FAR more entertaining. Please know that some of us PR folks are actually listening, and hopefully next year you won’t have to repeat yourselves.





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