The Perfect Storm

March 19, 2015

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Everyone at some point in his or her professional life has asked the question – what is PR? (even PR professionals themselves). I remember when I was trying to make the decision about what career to pursue – PR kept coming up. And I thought, what is PR? And further, why is it so important?

What I soon learned is that PR is the perfect storm.

Do you remember Storm Juno? (or as the media dubbed it, “Snowpocalypse”). To refresh your memory, the East Coast was going to get hit with a major snowstorm on January 27th of this year.

Reports of the impending storm caused people from New York to New Jersey to shut down airports and stand in line at the grocery store for hours on end as the city prepared for what the media promised would be “A Pummeling for the History Books”.


Well, it turns out that Juno was a major bust. What people were referring to as #snowpocalypse soon became #nopocalypse when a wimpy 6 – 8 inches of snow fell (disclaimer: we in Denver have the right to scoff at a frail snowfall).

The snowstorm was such a disappointment, in fact, that local meteorologist, Gary Szatowski, had to Tweet a public apology to the city.


So what does this have to do with PR? Everything. Think about it: Storm Juno would not have existed if not for the media. It was the bold headlines, the concerned reporters, the buzz on social media, and the excited conversations people had with one another that drove so many East Coasters to take action and prepare for a non-existent blizzard.

The media has the power to drive people to take action. It is one of the most effective and universal forms of communication. What we do for our clients is to alert the public via the media or social channels that something is about to happen – or sometimes, is already happening.

PR is a blend of ideas, media coverage and social voices that cause people to take action as a result of the story being told. In other words…it’s the perfect storm.


– Lauren


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