Looking Past Tier 1 Publications – Coming Soon to a PR Firm Near You

June 19, 2015

Summer means many things at BPR. Happy hour brainstorms on a patio. Business casual flip-flops. Writing press release while “unplugging” on vacation.

But nothing gets us more amped than summer movie season. Except this summer, we’ve been incredibly let down by the theatre offerings. Avengers 2 was meh. Tomorrowland was preachy. Entourage was brutal. There hasn’t been a single summer movie that made us stand up and cheer.

Okay fine, Pitch Perfect 2 was pretty great, but other than that….


The problem with summer movies is that the hype ultimately never really moves the needle. It’s usually the under-the-radar films that really strike a nerve (we’re looking at you Me, Earl and the Dying Girl).

The same rule applies to PR. Sure, it sounds super sexy to tell your board that your agency is going to pitch you to Forbes, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. However, a lot of effort can go into trying to secure a small mention in these blockbuster publications, but it might not ultimately be what is best for your business. Sure, a lot of eyeballs for your message or product is great, but just because something gets seen by a lot of people doesn’t mean it nets a great end result.


It’s important to really understand what will resonate with your client’s audience. Smaller, more niche publications can drive just as much, if not more, awareness for your brand. So while a Washington Post mention looks good in an investor recap, a full-blown feature in a trade publication aimed specifically at your target audience will likely yield much great traction. The masthead might not be as sexy, but the ROI sure will be.

So, this summer, instead of following the herd and going to see the most publicized movies – damn you, Terminator Genisys – check out a smaller film here and there. And when you’re trying to generate awareness for your company, don’t forget the importance of the little guys. They’re the ones that might ultimately be the biggest hit of the season.



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