Top 10 Signs You Work at Barokas Communications

June 24, 2015

We could kick this blog off touting all the ways this agency is an exemplary example of an agency with “good work culture.” But, that bullshit jargon speak would be so the other guys. Forget those cliché best places to work lists, we’ve been busting the badass place to work mold everyday for years. Here’s the inside scoop on what really goes on behind close doors at the big BPR: 

You know you work at Barokas Communications when….

1. It’s a little awkward and you’re still not entirely sure how it happened, but you inherited a whole new family on your first day on the job. 


2. Your new motto has become- “You don’t need news, to make news.”


3. Summer means sunshine and whiskey (literally). This one’s for you Howie 😉 😉


4. You’re making your morning cup of joe and have more milk choices than you get at Starbucks.


5. You’re always fully mentally prepared for the deep life altering thoughts that could come from anyone at anytime.


6. You aren’t quite sure if the true office mascot is a plastic bulldog named Jack or a stuffed panda named Pablo. It’s definitely a toss up.


7. It’s Friday, which means you can bet at least a few people on your teams aren’t wearing any pants to work.


8. Whether you’re in Denver or Seattle, you can always find the office cause it’s strategically located a block from the Irish bar Fado one way, and the baseball stadium the other. (No way this wasn’t a happy accident)


9. By noon you think you can fly because the mini Red Bull fridge is fully stocked today and you’re on number four.

redbull now

10. Either a meme, GIF, or eCard is the most appropriate response to most things. Duh–even Google agrees


Do you speak-a our language (for you 80s Men at Work fans)? Are you badass too? If so, we’re always looking for new members of the fam. Just drop Jack a note on why we should adopt you—


-Melissa Boggs

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