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July 1, 2015

Denver 1[1]

While working remotely from home has its advantages, it can also leave you desiring some good old face time with your teammates – beyond Skype, that is. Both Kersa and I agreed on that point when we flew up to Denver for our summer All-Hands meeting. The trip was made that much more special since neither of us had been to the Denver office before, which just marked its two-year anniversary!

The opening of BPR’s second location in Colorado, back in 2013, is just the beginning of the company’s expansion. Texas has welcomed two BPR’ers since this time, me included, even though our choice in location happens to be a coincidence. I began working remotely back in November 2014 and now work out of Corpus Christi, Texas, due to my husband’s career. Kersa joined the remote squad in May of this year, and is now residing in Austin, Texas.

Due to our remote locations, visiting Denver was a welcome adventure for both of us! While in Denver we found time to not only to catch up with colleagues, but also to take in a few of the city’s attractions.

Before I left Denver I learned a few things, including:

  • Denver is home to a big blue bear, which livens up the Colorado Convention Center.
  • Pickle shots are a thing. A good thing.
  • Skateboarders are EVERYWHERE!


Kersa here! Like Heather mentioned, we have come to appreciate many thing about working remotely – such as fewer distractions and zero commute time – but we also miss seeing our BPR family each day. Spending time with our Denver cohorts during this short trip definitely solidified that sentiment.

Lucky for us, BPR provides its employees with the option of visiting other office locations for a few days without using up any vacation days. Looks like Denver will be seeing a lot more of Heather and I from here on out!

Some of my favorite Denver takeaways include:

  • The air is fresher because you are “closer to the sky”
  • Crosswalk signals aren’t followed – walk at your own risk!
  • “Everyone’s nicer in Denver” should probably be the city’s motto


We worked, we laughed, we tried our first pickle shot, and we even biked during our whirlwind trip to Denver – until next time!

  Denver 2[1]

– Heather and Kersa

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