PR Lessons Learned from Kris Jenner

August 7, 2015

One hundred million dollars. That’s how much E! is paying Kris Jenner to keep their rights to the Kardashian series for the next four years. The closest we’ve come to seeing one hundred million of anything is when we go to the beach and count the grains of sand. Most of us can’t imagine that kind of money and we’ve also been left scratching our heads wondering, “Why are the Kardashians so (expletive) famous?”

The answer is that Kris Jenner has a special knack – dare we say talent – for using the media. Call her undeserving all you want, but she realized the power of the press early on used her media-maven prowess to cash checks at the bank… and then she hired someone to go to the bank for her because she’s Kris Jenner.

PR lessons learned from the times when Kris Jenner knew exactly what she was doing, she…

  1. Understands when to put the right face on.
post 1

(Credit: E! Magazine)


  1. Knows her strengths and weaknesses.
post 2

(Credit: E! Magazine)


  1. Understands that the media never sleeps.
post 3

(Credit: E! News)


  1. Is able to pick up information from different industries quickly.
post 4

(Credit: E! Magazine)


  1. Makes sure she stays relevant, even to family members.
post 5-1

(Credit: E! Magazine)

post 5-2

(Credit: E! Magazine)







  1. Knows when to give an exclusive.
    post 6

    (Credit: TODAY)




– Lauren and Heather

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