BPR Isn’t Your Typical PR Internship. Come see for yourself.

September 3, 2015

As a Public Relations major in college, I knew I wanted to intern at a PR firm somewhere in Seattle…I just had no idea where, or what to expect once I got there. I started combing through the dozens of PR internship opportunities – from the largest to the smallest of firms – and found nothing that really interested me.

It wasn’t until I went onto Barokas Communications’s website that something finally caught my attention. Immediately, BPR stood out, and I could tell it wasn’t your typical PR firm. I think the “PR minus the BS” slogan might have tipped me off a little.  I decided that BPR was my top priority for a possible internship. After exchanging a few phone calls and emails, I had my interview.


Being one of my first professional interviews, I didn’t really know what to expect. I walked into the office and was lead into a conference room named “Tupac” where I was interviewed by Aerin Meyers and Michelle Isacson, as well as their dogs Augustus and Amos. I felt like the interview went well and I was able to make a good impression, although I was pretty sure I hadn’t won over Augustus yet. A couple of days later, I was offered an intern position and asked to start as soon as possible.  Agustus

Within the first couple days of starting my internship, I was assigned to multiple client accounts and given high priority work. It was perfect. The first thing I noticed about BPR was how open and willing fellow employees were to help me with any questions I had. After settling in, I was able to dive into PR work right away and get a good feel on how a PR firm operates. From coverage tracking to media pitching, I had the opportunity to do handle as much work as I could.

After interning for a couple months, I can honestly say the intern process at BPR has been everything I was hoping it would be, although my relationship with Augustus is taking longer to develop than I thought it would; nonetheless, I’m not giving up. I’ve learned more working here than I ever did in a classroom, made lasting professional connections for the future, and gained insight in how to be successful in the world of PR.

Barokas is a great place to intern because they give you the opportunity and one-on-one training that a larger firm simply cannot offer. BPR pushes you to ensure that you get the most out of your internship. Communication barriers don’t exist here like there would be at other, larger firms. You are encouraged to speak your mind during meetings, whether you’re the CEO or a fresh intern like myself…everyone’s input is valued.

I could go on about how great BPR is, but to really experience it you have to be here. We are currently looking for interns for the fall, so take a chance while it’s available and apply intern at BPR today!



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