Gazing Into the Crystal Ball: 2016 Predictions

January 15, 2016


At the end of each year, we all reflect on the last 365 days and gaze into our crystal balls trying to forecast the future. We fondly refer to this as predictions season here at Barokas Communications. Most of our clients have brilliant, and often lofty, insights into what the New Year will bring for their companies and industries, so we thought we’d jump into the ring with a few of our own predictions.


1. Media Dynamics Will Continue to Shift

In 2015, we saw an increase in freelance journalists and contributors due to publications continuing to cut budgets and staff. With fewer resources to pen stories, and the pressure to drive an increasing number of site visitors, we’re seeing outlets focus media coverage on large tech companies and the increasingly common ‘unicorn.’ Working with clients to hone their creative storytelling will be imperative to grab the attention of reporters, and ultimately secure coverage.

In this new paradigm, content marketing will continue to take center stage. Most companies have a gold mine of stories just waiting to be told. PR pros should work with their clients to define a set of stories – in long or short “snackable” form – and the various mediums where those stories can be shared.

For example, we expect the opportunity for byline articles to expand as publications work to feed the content beast at little or no cost. Executives and companies willing to tell their stories in original ways can capitalize on this need and use contributed content as a strategic piece of their content marketing strategy. And remember, a story can be told through more than one medium. Utilize a long tail content strategy to engage customers in an ongoing conversation about your brand.

2. Think Past the Press Release

Media is becoming less concerned with announcement dates and embargos as their timeline to draft content and hit deadlines diminishes. Press releases will be used more judiciously, and we will see more announcements made via blogs, videos and other forms of social media. When working with clients on a launch, PR pros need to think past the press release and determine what strategy will net the best results for the client.

3. BPR Will Join the Space Race

Got your attention, didn’t I? While we’re not NASA, Jeff Bezos or Richard Branson, we have lofty goals supported by big ambition and hard work. 2016 has already started off with a bang! We’ve already added three new team members in Seattle, two new members in Denver, and three new clients in the last week alone. There is a palpable energy running through the office these days and we’ve only hit the second week of January. Check out our jobs page if you’re interested in joining the team!

While we can’t know for certain what exactly 2016 will bring, one thing is for sure, ‘there is nothing permanent except change.’

– Morgan


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