Takeaways: Year One in PR

January 15, 2016


A year ago I stepped through the front door of Barokas Communications for my first day as an intern in the world of public relations. I had taken all of two communication classes in my college curriculum, which was still underway. I had little understanding of what agency life entailed, but I knew I liked newspapers, story telling, and possessed a curiosity for technology. A year later, and now an AAE, here is what I think about when I reflect on my short time in PR:

1. Fast, slow, good, bad: I have no idea what turn my day will take.

I glance at my calendar in the morning, see two meetings in an otherwise open day and think, “Man, today is a great day to catch up on X.” Wrong. By 10am, I’ve got four other things on my To-Do list (which many in our office joke means a “To-Day” list) and my relaxed day turns to three cups of coffee, pounding on my keyboard like I’m entering launch codes for NASA, and apologizing for being three minutes late to the two meetings I had actually planned on attending.

The good news is, some days are the exact opposite of what I described above. A packed day has two cancelled meetings and a pushed deadline suddenly becomes an open afternoon to finally stick to your list. (“J” members of the Myers-Briggs community rejoice!

2. No matter how bad you want to get past it, there is always more ‘curve’ in learning. 

And with that curve come mistakes, triumphs and a whole lot of in between. Every once in a while, I will glance back at work I produced as an intern or early in my full-time position. I laugh, then scowl, then think about how I’ve been able to get better at my job. Sometimes it’s a noticeable change. Sometimes it’s a mistake I made last week (commence nodding of my account leads). But each time I look back at my work, I find myself higher on the curve.

3. “Everybody puts their pants on one leg at a time.” -Me 

Alright, you got me. I didn’t say that, but don’t let that tidbit diminish the importance of the idea. Whether it is some hotshot reporter, a client’s CEO, or another employee at BPR, everyone is an individual who deserves respect and attention. You can’t be afraid to shy away from a discussion due to someone’s fancy title or a your feeling of insecurity because they are the “subject matter expert.” What I’ve come to love about Barokas Communications is the ability for anyone to speak their mind, which leads me to my last point…don’t worry, I’m thinking it too, wrap it up dude…

4. Go for it.

Ask the question you have in your head. Once you’ve thought out an idea, a pitch, anything,- present it! We spew a lot of talk about being aggressive, squeaky wheels, and zigging when others zag. I learn the best by hopping in and getting my hands dirty, by making a mistake once and getting it right the second time, and by being engaged with the material my clients are creating. Barokas Communications is great at all of these things, and it’s one of the reasons I’m happy to be celebrating a year walking through these doors.


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