And The Beat Goes On

January 27, 2016

Our love for music here at BPR is obvious. A Biggie poster hangs above the CEO’s door. Our mini-fridge is a replica of a Marshall amp. And nearly everyone pops on their headphones at least once a day for a little musical interlude. And unless the office breaks into a spontaneous debate about whether hotdogs are, in fact a sandwich (stay tuned…), the question that always wanders across my mind is: what in the world are people listening to? General consensus is…everything. For me, I prefer preselected playlists on Spotify and occasionally I’ll throw in a YouTube jam sesh or go all intellectual and listen to a podcast (Serial ONLY).

Showing personal flare is an important part of every PR pro’s journey and is encouraged at Barokas Communications. The ability to define oneself and push the creative boundaries is what sets this agency apart from all the others. Music is a muse that inspires, calms, energizes, and motivates and so, without further a-do, here are the tunes that help spark my creativity side:

1. Discover Weekly: What does this playlist not have? Except every single song I wanted to find at exactly the right time. Especially for those who pick one song, listening to it on repeat a million times and then complain that a song is “over played”… a duh.


(Image via Spotify)


2. Your Favorite Coffee House: A solid alternative for those of us who can’t coast our way through life in a coffee house – combing our beards and writing our memoirs (at age 22). My bet is that you’ll be inspired to write… something.


(Image via Spotify)


3. Productive Morning: Everyone has those mornings; you know that really never began because the work from the night before never actually stopped. Yeah those exist, and are the bane of some people’s existence.


(Image via Spotify)


4. All the Feels: Ha, What does that even mean you ask? Good Question! I just listen to it so I look cool and stay hip. If that’s what the kids are saying these days. My younger sister thinks I’m out-dated. I’m only 24, she’s 21.


(Image via Spotify)


5. Electronic Study Music: Get caught singing that catching song in the office? Ha yeah me too. My go to for studying in college has turned into the playlist with the beats, but assures I wont be singing out loud. Although, my desk might turn into a drum… if I’ve had too much caffeine.


(Image via Spotify)


6. On Fleek: What does that even mean? In all honesty I don’t know. The reason I started listening to it was because Beyonce is on the cover. Well played Spotify, well played.


(Image via Spotify)


7. Rainy Day: It’s Seattle – does this really need any explanation?


(Image via Spotify)


Music enthusiast or not, everyone should listen to these playlists. Plus, Spotify is free (if you don’t mind listening to the same 3 commercials every 30 minutes). Shake it up, listen and get inspired. The possibilities are literally endless.


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