A BPR Tribute to Bowie: A True Patron of the Arts

January 28, 2016

When people think of PR, like many professions, various stereotypes come to mind. But one image rarely envisioned, is the personal PR pro. That person who has a natural intuition into how to tell their own story—in some cases to even rewrite, and reimagine that story over and over again, into different chapters or even completely different books. Keeping audiences engaged and hungry for the next pitch. A shining example of this, and perhaps the only one in many respects, is the star man himself: David Bowie.

It is with a heavy heart that the world as a whole says good-bye to Bowie—a man of many phases, faces, and tales. It is the rare person who can be attributed with changing the world—and this is in some respects thanks to his ability to influence so many people on so many different levels. In the field of PR, it is our ultimate dream to have the ability to weave a story so strong that it keeps people feeling decades later.


(Image via Victoria & Albert Museum)

Bowie wasn’t just one man with a personal story—he was many. He was David Jones, he was David Bowie, he was Ziggy Stardust, and back again. Each reinvention equipped with its own identity that different audiences attach sentiment to. He was a common man, he was a musician, he was an alien from outer space—he was an actor, a dad, a play write, but most importantly he was true to himself, which made for the very best story of them all.

The goal of PR, from a storytelling perspective, is to completely identify and bring to life a specific message to the masses. An effective PR pro’s work not only makes people pay attention, but it makes them care to about what’s being said—it influences in a positive way the people whose ears it lands on.

Bowie was perhaps the greatest master of PR the world has ever seen—he managed to tell his own unique story, through his own eyes, and in his own way. And the entire world took notice. In fact, right up to the final chapter, Bowie carefully orchestrated the direction of his closing message—through his final album “Blackstar.” which those close to him have confirmed to be a self-epitaph.

He will be missed—across continents, across genres, and across industry, because he was a shining example of them all.


(Image via RollingStone)

Thanks for allowing a BPR tribute to the one and only: Bowie.


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