Finding Balance in This Crazy PR World

March 3, 2016

Wake up, check your phone or computer, read and respond to emails. Hop in the shower and get ready to go to work. Leave work and continue to have your phone buzz with emails or messages the rest of the night.

If this sounds like a routine you’re familiar with, you must be in the world of PR. Our industry requires us to frequently be available for our clients 24/7, even outside of the office. At Barokas Communications, this means having Skype, Slack or Outlook push notifications popping up on your phone constantly.

At times, all of the notifications and constant email exchanges can get overwhelming. A major key to success (DJ Khaled reference intended) in PR is to learn how to achieve a work-life balance, something we have all likely struggled with at some point.


For me, that means taking coffee breaks throughout the day, going on a nice walk around downtown Denver and turning off my push notifications for work-related apps once I leave the office (don’t worry, folks, I still check my email and messages on my own time).

I recently read an article from Fast Company, Why Every Company Should Have a Cafeteria, about the value of having your employees eat together — it helps them perform better as a team. While we may not have a cafeteria, we take this mindset to the next level.

If eating together helps employees improve as a team, we must one of the best PR teams out there as we do plenty of things as a team outside of work. We take full advantage of happy hours (both the Seattle and Denver offices are conveniently located next to some cool bars), attend concerts together and, in Denver, utilize the Rocky Mountains.

This past weekend, the team took a trip up to Vail & Beaver Creek for a nice weekend getaway and some team bonding time. We even had a couple Seattle BPR members join in on the fun!

The team, as well as a few family members and friends, spent the first night sharing pizza together as a group, kicking back some beers (in our case, mostly bottles of champagne), and bonding over a nice game of Cards Against Humanity before the bright and early 6 a.m. wake up call for the mountains.

Most of the team went skiing and snowboarding, but some of us opted for snowshoeing or taking in the sights at the base of the mountain with a pint in hand. If you haven’t been to Beaver Creek or Vail, time to put it on your list of places to see. Here’s a little taste for you all:



And, of course, no ski trip is complete without beer in the village:





Remember: co-workers who play together, stay together. Until next time, ski-nanigans in Vail/Beaver Creek!


— Jake

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