PowerPoint Roulette: The Other Game “Where Everything is Made Up and the Points Don’t Matter”

May 13, 2016

This week at BPR Denver, the team took thirty minutes to play a game of “PowerPoint Roulette.” If I caught you mid-head scratch, allow me to elaborate. PowerPoint Roulette, or Powerpoint Karaoke, is is an improv game where a person presents a slideshow to an audience without knowing the contents of the slides ahead of time.

As part of this exercise to better our presentation skills and the ability to think on our feet, our team member Rachel put together a PowerPoint presentation with 22 images (randomly chosen from Shutterstock). We were all given the same situational topic, which we had to relate our randomly assigned slides back to. The topic? Providing a new intern with some advice about the PR industry.

Without fail, our team impressively tied 22 random photos, including a photo of a hamster, lounging dart frog, and a Rudolph-shaped Christmas ornament back to PR. Here’s how:

“You always have to believe in your clients, like you believed in St. Nick. Be the ‘Rudolph’ who leads the client’s way in PR, guiding them and making sure they are delivering.” –Bri Rios


“You’ll need to learn that strategies aren’t one-size-fits-all for your clients. Sometimes a ‘pear’ strategy might not be the right fit, so try the ‘apple’ on for size but leave no stone unturned. That’s what is really cool about working in PR – you have a lot of options to be creative.” – Rachel Fukaya


“Don’t be a sucker, work at an agency. It might seem sweet to do in-house PR, there are some benefits to working at an agency where you have multiple clients (candy options) to work with every day. Working in-house (or eating the same candy every day) is bound to have you leaving with a stomach ache.” – Jason Michael


The moral of the story? PowerPoint Roulette was a big hit and we weren’t half bad at thinking on our feet. The whole team is looking forward to the next time we are able to play and polishing our presentation skills up! Thanks for the great idea, Rachel!



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