5 Things I’ve Learned About BPR in my First 3 Months

May 18, 2016

Since it’s almost my 3-month anniversary of working at BPR (it’s a big one, I know), I wanted to share with everyone what I have learned and what I love about working here. With some additional inspiration from my girl Leslie Knope, Tom Haverford and April Ludgate.

There is SO much love

Since the day I walked into BPR, I had the instant feeling of being at home. It’s so much different than anywhere I’ve ever worked, where coworkers were just people you worked with. Here at BPR we are not just colleagues, but family. Even on your most stressful day, you walk into the office and feel the unconditional love from the ones around you. One might even say we are kind of obsessed with each other. No matter what time of day, communication is always constant, usually not even work-related. Whether it be getting adorable pictures of Jason’s kiddos or texting about what we are doing over the weekend. Even on work from home Fridays, you will likely find team members working together from some remote location.

Family is a place where you feel safe and valued and that’s exactly how I feel everyday at work.


You’re on a team and everyone’s your cheerleader

At BPR we want everyone to succeed. It doesn’t matter what account you’re on, or with who, people are always cheering for you. In the world of PR, everything is so fast paced that it’s sometimes hard to remember to embrace your client wins, but at BPR you can guarantee that someone has already praised you to all your team members. When someone is feeling down, frustrated or just having a bad day, the team is always there for a little pick me up. And those little praises and words of encouragement are exactly what you needed.


Equal playing field where everyone’s voices are heard

At BPR, success is a true team success because everyone has a role in making it possible. The individual mindset is non existent and there’s no time for hierarchy. Everyone has equal opportunity to assist on all projects. No matter what your job title is, there is an opportunity to work on things that interest you. I’ve never worked at an agency where everyone from AAE’s to VPs work together to pitch new business. And if you have interest in working on a certain account, management will do what they can to get you on that account. No matter what the account, everyone has a chance to have their ideas heard, place stories in the media and implement all the strategies and tactics we have been working so hard on. Everyone brings something unique to the table that we can all appreciate and learn from.


Work hard, play hard is actually a thing

Work hard, play hard is really a thing. With all the hard work we are doing, we all know it’s necessary to let off some steam every once and awhile. A nice cold beer, a glass of bubbly or even a stiff cocktail is always deserved after a long day of pitching and especially at the end of a stressful launch day. If there is an excuse to be celebrating, you can guarantee we will be. Birthday, New hire, Cinco de Mayo, St. Paddy’s, Wedding?! You name it, we’ll celebrate it.

Aside from there always being a wide variety of spirits in the office in case of emergency, we just got a new ping pong table, and have an array of adult coloring books for when we need to take some personal time in the day. Company off-sites are also a way to get out of the office and spend quality time with our team members with no work involved. A few weeks before I started, The Denver team took a trip to Beaver creek and we are planning a trip to the mountains for some fun adventures this summer.


The more dogs, the merrier

This is pretty much self explanatory. The more dogs in the office, the merrier everyone is. A dog friendly office always boosts everyone’s spirits. The day is always infinitely better when Annabelle and/or Bronco grace us with their presence.



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