What Powers PR?

May 27, 2016

phone-260409_960_720 (1)Yesterday was a first for BPR Seattle —and Seattle itself for that matter. Close to noon, just before the lunch hour hunger pains began to kick-in, us PR pros, along with about every other type of professional in the downtown area, experienced a different kind of pain: a pain in the butt as the city went dark.

Yes, the power went out across the city —spreading from Pioneer Square into Belltown—at one of the busiest times of the day. As office workers everywhere peered out their windows at each other, and then down into the slightly chaotic streets as the streetlights went out, the realization seemed to hit everyone at once—no Internet (insert scared face!).

Certain experiences force us to take a step back and realize how completely reliant as a society we’ve all become on the world wide web, and a mass power outage on a mid-week work day is definitely one of them.

While we scrambled around the office, slightly exhilarated at the idea of sitting in a circle and telling ghost stories, we thought about the client calls that were getting canceled, the briefings that were put on hold, the emails that were sitting in limbo—and the anxiety hit. The perk to working in downtown Seatown is that many of our clients, being the tech savvy start-ups that they are, are located in a nearby area—and feeling the same pain. But that knowledge didn’t help much as the to-do lists stared glaring back at us, with no further lines crossed out.

In hindsight, it can be a little scary to think of our attachment as an industry to the Internet—our complete and utter reliance on it. How can we send an email to our clients, how can we host an analyst briefing with a virtual conference line required for screen sharing, how can we conduct research, track for client coverage, and on an on and on? PR runs on power, Internet power for which there is no emergency back-up source.

So, with that said, the next tech start-up that comes up with an Internet back-up solution—we want to work with you, promote you—spread your life saving gospel from the tip of the Space Needle. When there’s a will, there’s a way…that’s how the saying goes, right?


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