Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

July 5, 2016

Teamwork is something that is highly valued at BPR. Whether it’s stepping up when someone is out on vacation, or working through a project together to save time, without teamwork our company would not succeed.

Just like baseball players must work together to win the game, PR peeps must work together to keep clients happy. Last week, some members of BPR Seattle headed over to Safeco Field to cheer on our M’s and after seeing the teamwork they utilize to perfect their craft, I thought I’d share a few ways that BPR utilizes teamwork.

Client Relations

Working together internally is the best way to fulfill the needs and wants of your clients. If the team is on the same page and collaborates on each initiative, from planning and strategizing the idea to executing it in a timely manner, the results will show. Our clients depend on us and expect the best, and in order to deliver we must work together as a team.

Media Relations

We work together as a team to pitch the best to each and every reporter. The account lead takes point, but each member of the team plays an integral role to see media relations through to the end. Typically, the media list falls in the court of the AAE, the pitch drafting falls in the court of the AE, and the overall strategy and plan falls in the court of the account lead. However, all three team members can collaborate on how the research will be done to find the best contacts for the media list, and what angle can be used to better pitch each contact, and the results will be better than if the team doesn’t work together.

Agency-Wide Relations  

Teamwork doesn’t end with account teams, but is spread across the entire agency. We are constantly working together to make sure that everyone has the resources needed to get the job done. We are firm believers in sharing the love, whether it be sharing media lists, publication research or reporter intel – remember, teamwork makes the dream work!


And no agency is complete without some team bonding!




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