How to Make the Most Out of Your PR Internship

July 6, 2016

The school year has ended — you’ve either just graduated and are looking for that internship that leads into your first full-time job, or are a college student looking to get that first internship experience to stick on your resume.

We’ve all been there — you land that internship and then think to yourself “now what?” or “what can I do to make the best impression on my colleagues as possible?”

At Barokas, there are plenty of us that have been in your shoes — a lot of us started at the agency as interns after all (including myself). With internship season well underway, we wanted to provide all the interns out there a little insight into what makes a great intern, and how interns can make the most out of the opportunity. I reached out to a handful of former interns here to help answer these questions and included the most common pieces of advice below. So without further ado — how to make the most out of your PR internship:

Ask Questions

First and foremost — ask all the questions you can think of. After all, you’re here to learn the ins and outs of PR, what better way than to ask questions. Your colleagues will appreciate you for it and it shows you’re being proactive.

Don’t Be Afraid

Be aggressive and bold during your internship — ask questions. Volunteer to handle tasks and take some work off your colleagues’ plates. Be excited and passionate. Learn from your mistakes and most importantly, have fun!

Get Involved

Find one thing that strikes your interest and try to own that for the office. Whether it’s consumer tech, enterprise tech, government tech, financial tech, etc. — knowing your niche and going for it will make your internship much more worthwhile.

Get to Know Your Colleagues

Coffee walks (these are big in the Denver office). Go on as many coffee walks as you can with every single person at your office. Get to know them, how they got into PR and determine their area of expertise. This shows you’re taking the initiative in your internship and getting to know your (potential) future team!

As you can see, Barokas Communications interns benefit the most from asking questions, being proactive and being the squeaky wheel at the office. Your internship is what you make of it, whether you end up here with us, at another agency, or in-house elsewhere.

Now go out there and be that rock star intern. Have fun and enjoy!

— Jake

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