What’s a PR Home Run? Swinging for the Fences with BPR

July 11, 2016

With the 2016 All-Star break coming up this week, all eyes are on the best grady1players in baseball. Regardless of the sport, the “All-Stars” are your highlight reel players, the cream of the crop, and often the richest athletes in the game. The All-Star Week brings a variety of competition, this year to San Diego, including the annual Home Run Derby.


We hear the term home run used outside of sports everyday as a metaphor describing a great win, accomplishment, or other rewarding news. When it comes to PR, the same rule applies. As great coverage like a product launch placement or a well-written byline hit—we often reference the sports terminology. Unlike a home run in baseball, however, a trip around the bases in PR is a whole lot harder to define.


What’s a Home Run?

In baseball, it’s a hit over the fence. It’s a game-changing, sometimes game-winning play. In the PR world, the effects from a home run piece of coverage are often the same: more leads for the client’s sales team, the eye of an elusive VC, or a recruitment tool for a new executive. Whatever the effects, it’s important to define what that win will look like to a client in advance. Each business and individual we work for has his or her own definition of that PR home run. Sure, we hear a lot of “Forbes, Fortune, and Wall Street Journal”, but for other clients, a coverage win is a de-positioning article within a niche industry, or a contributed piece from a CEO that has yet to break into the thought leadership category.


This is one of our main questions in a meeting with a prospective client looking to engage with our agency. If you can wave a magic wand and land a placement anywhere in the media, what message does it contain and where is it at? At the end of the day, it’s our job to make sure our partners and their stories have the best batting average possible.


We Hit Singles Too!

Not every hit is going to be a home run, and some news stories have more potential to go deep than others. Those base hits, or smaller coverage wins, can be a great foundation for larger narratives down the road. They serve to introduce a new client to a journalist, warming the relationship for that bigger hit in a later inning. Our partners and our own team understand it’s a process, and playing small ball while waiting for that next big product launch, funding announcement, or controversial thought leadership piece – to come up and clear the bases really does work. Just ask the KC Royals.

So we’re ready to go to bat for your business, and we’ve got pretty heavy hitters and some very fast base runners in our lineup. One way or another, we’ll be scoring winning runs for your team.

Image Credit #1: foxsports.com

Image Credit #2: bleacherreport.com





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