It Doesn’t Take News to Make News

August 3, 2016

A statement we stand behind at BPR when it comes to our job is that it doesn’t take news to make news.

Often times in our industry, we hear people use the fact that a client doesn’t have an arsenal of news up their sleeve as a crutch, an excuse as to why the media isn’t knocking at their door. In truth, it definitely makes our job easier when there’s a product launch or major company announcement, but if we relied on that to drum up interest, we wouldn’t be much of a creative agency now would we?

The secret to good PR is to give the reporters what they want, what they need, maybe before they’ve even figured it out themselves. The contrast to this is shoving information down the reporter’s throat. The best way to make this best practice a reality is to follow the news. For instance, what’s in the headlines? What is the media already talking about? The news relies on current events and timely topics, and if you leverage this to your client’s advantage, half of your job is already done: figuring out the subject matter.

For example, two companies we work with are Solstice, a Seattle-based cannabis producer, and NexTitle, a full-service title and escrow company based in Bellevue. These companies are vastly different, but both are positioned to capitalize on recent news headlines.


Whether or not you’re into sports, the news of the NFL’s search for a new CMO has likely crossed your radar. Not only is this story landing in ESPN and other popular sport sites, but it’s also relevant to political news publications, as well as health reporters. Why such diverse reach? Because the new CMO’s stance on medicinal cannabis is top of mind. Solstice, which has deep roots in medicinal cannabis, is a great resource for reporters looking to find commentary and expertise on this topic. Not only are you serving reporters by giving them the source they need without having to search for it, but also you’re placing your client in the news as a thought leader. We work to create a win-win for both the reporter and our client.


Speaking of political publications, not one day in the last few weeks has gone by without the presidential election blanketing news headlines. Based on recent events, we’re in for a bumpy ride—and reporters can’t get enough of it. Here at BPR, we’re leveraging this trend for NexTitle to place the company in stories covering what the upcoming election will mean for real estate across the country. Like many areas of the economy in the spotlight, the housing market’s fate is front and center. And it just so happens our client is highly qualified to speak on this topic.

One of the best perks about getting your news angle from the news? You never run out of it, and you’re always relevant.

– Laura

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