The New York Times Looks West

November 11, 2016

Barokas is lucky enough to have offices in two of the most burgeoning and growing cities for entrepreneurship in the country – Seattle and Denver. And we’re not alone in thinking that, as the New York Times is in the midst of its Look West series of forums across Western cities like Portland, throughout California and Denver. 

The specific panel – Denver Rising – took a look at how a savvy blend of urban preservation, entrepreneurial vitality and a vibrant arts scene is bringing Denver to even greater heights. Hosted by New York Times Rocky Mountain correspondent Jack Healy, the panel explored Denver’s role in the latest election, what it meant for millennial recruitment that the state voted Democrat, Denver’s path to greatness and what lies next for the city. To get a well-rounded viewpoint on all topics, the New York Times panel included former Denver governor John Hickenlooper, Director of the Denver Film Festival Britta Erickson, local preservationist Dana Crawford, and Bryan Leach, CEO of Ibotta, a Denver-based mobile rebate app and longtime Barokas client.   unknown

As a startup and rapidly growing company, Ibotta takes great pride in its Colorado roots, going so far as to include “Designed & Built in Denver, Colorado” on the launch page of its app. When speaking with media, Bryan Leach doesn’t just talk about his app or his company offerings. He is passionate about his company culture, the role of Denver in its success, and how he leverages the city to aid in recruitment and employee retention. He shared this vision back in May over an introductory lunch with Jack Healy, who wanted to include Bryan’s startup insight within the panel. 

A company is more than its core offerings, and when speaking to media, influencers, customers and stakeholders, its important for company spokespeople – including their PR leg – to showcase this expanded message and drive greater understanding of a company’s key motivators. It might not always result in immediate coverage, but it might set the stage for something better down the line. 

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