Two Faces Is an Understatement. Today, We All Have Multiple “Fronts”

January 16, 2017

Today’s blog post was inspired conveniently enough on my morning commute to the office. I had one of those friendly, conversational Uber drivers that instantly involved me in a game of 20 questions—How long have you lived here? Where are you from? What do you do for a living? That last one generally nets the most interest and inspires a string of further inquisitions. What is PR? What type of PR do you do? And of course my favorite—What advice do you have for me?

It seems that many Uber and Lyft driving gigs are notoriously popular for young entrepreneurs looking to make some side money while they try to kick-start their next “Big Thing.” In my experience, they’re consistently looking for tips to promote the “Big Thing” from anyone with experience in the field of marketing.

On this particular ride, I jumped into the subject of explaining the importance of having a digital presence. You know the old saying ‘put your best face forward?’ Well, in today’s heightened digital age, that “face” has more than one angle.

Digital Foot Step

Today’s customer is an educated one. This means the first thing they do when deciding they need a particular service or product is ask Google. The days of calling a business are few and far between. Instead, customers are reading online user reviews, searching for articles referencing the company, and diving into industry round-ups.


Social Media 

Social media presence—not only having one, but having the right one – is yet another face in today’s digital era. Consumers everywhere have melded their social and business lives into one channel. In addition to connecting with friends, they expect to interact with preferred businesses across Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, even Instagram. An effective social channel requires as much care and attention as physical marketing materials did in the past. The best preforming social accounts put an emphasis on quality content, relevant hashtags, acquiring and retaining followers, and most importantly – frequent, timely and relevant posts. Maintaining multiple social channels tells consumers that you’re willing to work with them when and how they prefer. That’s customer service at its finest.



Your physical face, your storefront’s face (if applicable), and your digital face, are all equally important when making a first impression. When today’s customer searches a particular business or service, the first thing that should pop-up is the official company website—ahead of articles, social channels, and customer review sites. This ensures you are presenting customers with relevant content that will ultimately help influence a purchase decision. Along with branded, highly targeted content, a few other aspects of a website should be taken into consideration—such as a fluid design, focus on UX (customer experience aspects), and timely/updated material. To put it simply, if your website gives off the wrong vibe, the customer is lost at the first touch point (of which it typically takes approximately seven to get a consumer to become a customer). Its importance should never be downplayed.

Keep in mind that that “first impression” may not be the one you’re used to delivering in-person. Ensure your digital presence is spit shined from all angles, and you’ll have all your bases covered.

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