The Slow Burn of PR

January 18, 2017

We live in a world of instant gratification. Movies on demand. Amazon Prime. Drones to deliver Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter directly to your front door. Everything can now happen when and how you want it.

Except PR. The world of public relations is still a deep, slow burn that requires an endless amount of patience and, even then, just a tad more patience.

Case in point, a recent Dr. Oz segment called ‘Jumpstart Your Finances and Get Out of Debt’ in which financial expert Lauren Greutman discussed how cash back shopping app (and Barokas client) Ibotta can help consumers save money on everyday items. Great visibility on daytime broadcast in front of more than two million of Ibotta’s core demographic.

But as with any seemingly simple media placement, the real story is behind the scenes.

Rewind more than SIX MONTHS AGO in June when Barokas reached out to Lauren for an introductory phone call with Ibotta. From there, constant check-ins on what Lauren was working on, what Ibotta was announcing, what might make sense for both parties. It was like an unsexy and non-romantic version of The Notebook.

Then, in late December, Lauren reached out to say she was going to appear on Dr. Oz and Ibotta would be a great fit for her segment. We got her all the material and Ibotta messaging needed, and – bingo bango – a great, on-brand placement.

PR would be so much easier if there was a direct and immediate path to ROI visibility. But until the Wizard of Oz grants that wish, it’s the Dr. Oz type hits that help showcase the need for PR patience and the importance of introductory meetings, calls, coffees, meet ups and Tweet ups. Planting the PR seed may not get that immediate payoff, but when it finally blossoms, the results can be Oz-standing.


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