Cannabis Corner: 5 Cannabis Thought Leaders To Keep on Your Radar

January 20, 2017

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Piggybacking off a previous post around standout publications for cannabis news, this week we’ll be sharing the five influential thought leaders in the cannabis industry on social media. Ranging from reporters to business professionals to activists, the below list of influencers are not only great follows on Twitter, but also provide an educated voice for the relatively new industry.

Activist: Steve Deangelo

Twitter: @stevedeangelo

You may recognize him as the subject of the Discovery Channel documentary series Weed Wars, however as Executive Director of Harborside Health Center, and co-founder of the ArcView Group, an investor network and research firm launched in 2010 and based in Oakland, California, Steve is one of the industry’s most recognizable activists. In June 2015, DeAngelo was awarded the High Times Lester Grinspoon Lifetime Achievement Award for his 40+ years of activism in the cannabis reform movement. Steve does a great job of not flooding your timeline with post after post, instead, he tweets about major industry news and trends, regularly adding his insight from decades of experience.


Journalist: Christopher Ingraham

Twitter: @_cingraham

Christopher has been a reporter at Washington Post covering politics and drug policy for the past three years. Christopher does a great job of keeping a pulse on the entire industry, regularly retweeting fellow reporters and cannabis thought leaders. Christopher is also a pretty funny guy, and isn’t afraid to take the occasional shot if he feels it’s warranted. If you’re looking to follow someone with an educated opinion on cannabis related legislation, and someone who is not afraid to crack the occasional joke, then Christopher is your guy.


Analyst: John Hudak

Twitter: @JohnJHudak

John is a political scientist and public policy analyst whose work focuses on marijuana legalization policy, among other topics. He currently conducts research into governance issues around marijuana legalization policy, specifically examining how the states that have legalized recreational cannabis are developing legal and regulatory systems. He tweets a few times a day, regularly incorporating his insight into various news stories and trending topics. For those looking read the fine print around America’s legalization policy, John is your go-to resource.


Journalist: Alicia Wallace

Twitter: @aliciawallace

Alicia is a reporter for The Cannabist covering national marijuana policy and business. Alicia’s Twitter feed is a great resource for those looking to get a firsthand look of the affects at the ground level that marijuana policy has businesses and government. If you’re from Colorado and a fan of cannabis, Alicia is a must follow.


Attorney: Hilary Bricken

Twitter: @CannaBizLawyer

Hilary Bricken is an attorney at Harris Bricken, PLLC in Seattle, chairs the firm’s Canna Law Group, and is the lead editor of the Canna Law Blog. Named one of only seven “Deal Makers of the Year” by the Puget Sound Business Journal and Industry Attorney of the Year by Dope Magazine, Hilary is regarded as the leading authority on cannabis legal issues. From her roots in Seattle’s legalization movement to advocating for cannabis entrepreneurs across the country, Hilary works to help business owners establish strong legal footing in a fast-changing industry.


These are just a few of the many folks that we at BPR regularly monitor to keep up on the always changing landscape that is the legal cannabis industry. Be sure to visit the Cannabis Corner in the coming weeks to catch up on part 2 of the most influencial thought leaders to follow in the world of cannabis!



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