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March 14, 2017

Recently, our W Bellevue account team had the opportunity to attend a brand immersion day to learn the ins and outs of the international hotel chain’s brand. We joined a room full of W talent (the brand’s term for staff) and discussed passion points, key messages, brand speak and target audiences while sipping coffee and nibbling on donuts. This was a rare experience for us, given the majority of our clients are startups, technology companies or both. Working with an established brand brings new opportunities – and challenges – and will surely be an adventure over the next few months as we launch the brand’s only new North American location this year.

Donuts aside, the brand immersion – and recent hard hat tour, see photo of Morgan and me in Timberlands – highlighted the importance of understanding a company’s brand and industry. For a PR professional, immersing yourself in the client’s brand is important. At times, we speak for the brand. Most times, we’re the first touchpoint media, analysts or the public have with the company. It’s crucial we understand your brand and industry enough to get it right.

With this in mind, we work diligently to become experts in our client’s field. Whether it’s researching the industry, following the news or attending brand immersions, we’re in the know on issues that matter to our clients. Our brands are constantly running through our head while reading the news, commuting or researching trends. What storyline will resonate with the media? Is the story timely? Does it fit within the brand’s key messages? Will the story translate to an increase in the client’s ROI? Trust us brands, you’re always running through our mind.

We take the time to get to know the brand – and you! – because it matters. PR is all about relationships, and we want to be in a relationship with your brand. Too weird? Sorry, not sorry. We’re always ready to throw on Timberlands and eat donuts (in reality, it’s usually reading the news, studying the industry and talking to you) in order to better understand the brand. Plus, we end up being great party conversationalists. Ask us about machine learning, data optimization, new venues opening in the region, space programs, mobile apps, the emerging cannabis industry, security, gaming, sports marketing, telecommunications and cloud technology. We’re ready.



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