How Your Business’ Mobile Strategy Will Shape the Stories Worth Telling

March 15, 2017

At Barokas Communications, we represent a wide array of emerging, high-growth markets. Recently, I’ve noticed a PR convergence point, across industries we represent, that’s shaping our media relations recommendations: mobile strategy.

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Mobile disruption and adoption have been a focal point of tech conversations for the past decade. It might sound like a tired conversation, but smartphone sales surpassed “dumb phone” sales ONLY four years ago.

What I’ve noticed in the media, is that the stories getting the most PR mileage are increasingly focusing on mobile strategy; how this affects the business and consumer bottom line, success stories, innovative mobile tactics, etc.

Here are a few of my favorite mobile strategy success stories:

Because Barokas Communications started in Seattle and we love coffee, let’s look at Starbucks. Two years ago the coffee powerhouse rolled out its “pre-order” service on its existing mobile app. Line-jumpers everywhere celebrated as they ordered on their mobile phones and had their food and / or drink waiting for them when they arrived. Starbucks didn’t stop with updates to the mobile app, updates to physical stores embrace more tech-savvy customers by offering wireless charging stations and WiFi-connected coffee machines. Suddenly what was once a simple coffee shop is now stepping further into the realm of tech.

More recently, Chipotle also announced an update to its mobile ordering service called “Smarter Pickup Times.” The technology allows customers to not only place orders on the go, but to schedule and reserve future pickup times. While testing the new feature, Chipotle found that wait times were reduced by as much as 50 percent. Updating their mobile offering allowed Chipotle to not only set the pace for online ordering in the restaurant industry, but they improved the customer experience and encouraged brand loyalty.

Just as the food industry has been adopting mobile to connect with their customers. Mobile is also emerging in newly regulated industries to propel them further. A great example of this collaboration is in the cannabis industry. Despite reports of high revenue, cannabis is still a relatively immature space that has utilized technology to bridge the gap between state and federal guidelines. Barokas Communications client, CanPay, an electronic payment solution for the highly-regulated, cash-only cannabis industry, is working to innovate the payment process – only one facet of the existing void. In a field that typically isn’t associated with mobile apps, CanPay saw a need to extend payment options beyond cash and introduced the world’s first debit payment app for cannabis retailers. Not only does this put CanPay in the forefront of the media, but it gives Barokas Communications a role to play in building the relationships CanPay has with their users and the public.

In every industry, there’s potential to implement a mobile strategy for increased and continued success. The PR takeaway here is that technology news doesn’t just come from tech companies, every facet of technology is represented through the work we do for our clients, whether they be in the enterprise, food, marijuana and whatever else you can think of-industry.






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