Tony Robbins: Yes, I Drank the Kool-Aid

March 16, 2017

After spending 3 hours listening to “I am not your guru” motivational speaker Tony Robbins, I now understand why so many people flock to his week-long seminars and why he’s a best-selling author. For me, personally, one of the biggest lessons I learned has to do with the law of familiarity – avoiding complacency. Always try to be in a state of movement towards a new challenge.  And, be grateful. Dwelling on past mistakes will put you in a state of suffering (“get in your head, you’re dead”), it paralyzes us from moving forward.

Tony Robbins

Instead, Tony talked about the science of achievement and art of fulfillment – the importance of happiness, growing, and making progress.  Easier said than done, right? Actually, it’s pretty simple stuff.

  • Set a goal: The power of absolute clarity and commitment
  • Execute effectively: Massive action is a cure all
  • Have grace: end suffering (don’t beat yourself up)

And, right when you’re about to achieve your first goal, begin setting your next goal.

By no means does this short 200-word blog adequately describe my experience or do the topic justice.  The only way to understand is to see Tony Robbins live yourself.  I guarantee you’ll walk away with at least one “aha” moment. If you can’t see him live, the next best thing is his documentary on Netflix ,“I Am Not Your Guru”.  Whether you believe what Tony says or not, his spirit and enthusiasm is contagious, and a little bit of that goes a long way!


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